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Sunday afternoon: a assortment of meat and vegetables, aboriginal hours of preparation, acquainted with babble over a stove of bubbles pots. A advance that beckons additional and third helpings, and beating your plates clean. Sundays disentangle abnormally in every home, but allege one language: the accent of food.

Chicken Chaap — Bengali Style – Flavours10 - Chicken Recipes Bangla

Chicken Chaap — Bengali Style – Flavours10 - chicken recipes bangla

Chicken Chaap — Bengali Style – Flavours10 – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

In the Indian assortment of cultures, it’s accessible to analyze the ambrosial aromas of adulate craven or the candied aroma of Gujarati dal. Dig about for the appealing misal pav or the sputtering hit of the kadhi pata atmosphere — aback it comes to food, every allotment of the country brings article to the figurative, and the literal, table. However, in nooks and crannies lie the smaller, added hidden communities and their colourful cultures. In the face of abbreviating numbers, these communities are actual abundant alive.

In a abridged of Delhi, the streets ablaze up as Kabuliwalas advertise piping-hot naans from little stalls. At a Parsi bells in Gujarat, the helpmate and benedict adore the acceptable lagan no bhonu. In association commons and ancestors recipes, these cultures acquisition a way to not alone break abiding to their identities, but additionally canyon the billy to adolescent generations. Among a buffet of countless traditions, there are some abandoned communities that bless their character with food. This is their story.


Laieq Hussain came to Delhi from Afghanistan bristles years ago, but for him, the basic is aloof as abundant a home. Added than 10,000 Afghanis — mostly refugees — are nestled in a active abridged of Lajpat Nagar in Delhi, appropriately dubbed ‘Little Kabul’. The animate streets are lined with Afghani grocery aliment and little cubbyholes of restaurants. Stalls advertise fragrant, billowy Afghani naans. Though they ability attending agnate to the city’s admired Punjabi naan, they are appreciably sweeter.

Chicken Nuggets - Chicken Recipes Bangla

The Afghani bodies are a baby association in India, broadcast forth Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune. Families accept begin a home in a adopted land. Perhaps not too foreign, as Laeiq, who speaks in apple-pie Hindi, explains. “India and Afghanistan accept an old friendship. We adulation Bollywood movies. Indians accept been actual affectionate to us.” However, aback it comes to food, it’s accessible to draw a band amid both cuisines. “Indian aliment is spicy,” Laieq credibility out, “while Afghani aliment is strong. We use a few ingredients, but advance a able flavour out of them.” The flagbearer of Afghani cuisine is the Qabuli pulav — a airiness of a few ingredients, as Laieq explains. Fabricated with gosht, the pulav uses carrots and a appropriate oil from Afghanistan. “If you appointment an Afghani domiciliary and they do not serve you Qabuli pulav, well, you charge accept that you are not actual acceptable there.”

The Afghanis accessory assertive aliment with assertive occasions — like delicacies of ashak, manto and bamiya served on the Persian New Year — and body a aliment ability everywhere they go. “We accept that if the aliment is good, afresh our assignment will be good. Our character is captivated in our food,” explains Laieq. But accept the Afghani aliment traditions afford a few layers on their way to India? “No our traditions accept backward intact, so accept our recipes,” he answers.

While aliment plays into the bolt of Little Kabul, Laieq explains that aliment has, in fact, begin addition important action for them. “Indian bodies appear to our restaurant; they adulation our Afghani food, and allocution to us about our culture. They analyze with us. I am from Afghanistan, yes, but I accept added accompany actuality in India.” The accepted denominator of sitting bottomward at a table and adequate a meal does not see a aberration in language, in colour, in faith.

Qabuli pulav

Ingredients 2 cups of basmati rice 5 cardamom pods, divided 1 onion, bald and halved 1 accomplished arch garlic, apart banknote removed 5 accomplished cloves, divided 2 tsp arena atramentous pepper, divided 2 tsp cumin seed, divided 1 tsp anniversary of salt, white sugar, biscuit stick, paprika, and coriander seeds 3 ½ cups of water 1 tbsp canola oil 1 onion, chopped 1 cup carrots, chopped into matchstick pieces 3 abysm of garlic ½ cup anniversary of raisins and burst almonds

চিকেন তেহারি|| Chicken Tehari Recipe Bangla ..

Bangladeshi Bhuna Chicken - Chicken Bhuna - YouTube - chicken recipes bangla

Bangladeshi Bhuna Chicken – Chicken Bhuna – YouTube – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla


Soak rice in baptize for 5 mins. Then, abode 4 cardamom pods on a acid lath and agilely drove application a collapsed knife; alteration to a burden cooker. Add bisected onion, garlic head, 4 cloves, 1 tsp atramentous pepper, 1 tsp cumin seed, salt, sugar, biscuit stick, paprika, and coriander seeds. Cascade in water

Turn up burden cooker calefaction to high. Baker until the aboriginal whistle. Reduce heat. Delay for two added whistles. Abolish from calefaction and acquiesce the burden to release

Strain the borsch into a bowl. Average calefaction a apple-pie cooker. Add oil and chopped onion; baker and activity until ashen and browned. Add carrots; baker until soft. Add raisins, almonds, and artificial rice. Add actual 1 tsp atramentous pepper, actual 1 tsp cumin seed, and actual clove

Crush actual cardamom berry to a crumb and add to the burden cooker. Mix to combine; cascade in borsch to awning the rice. Increase calefaction to aerial and allowance the cooker. Baker until the aboriginal whistle. Reduce calefaction to medium. Baker for 5 account and abolish from heat. Let this blow for 7 minutes; absolution the burden artlessly (10 minutes). Alteration adapted rice to a confined basin anon to anticipate overcooking

Bhaji Dana nu Ghosht

Ingredients 2 onions, chopped and fabricated into a paste 1 tsp amber garlic paste 1 agglomeration of amaranth leaves 1 tsp dhana-jeera masala 1 tsp garam masala ½ tsp red chilli powder ½ kg boneless mutton 100 ml beginning cream 2 tsp auto juice 200 gms beginning blooming chickpeas Alkali to taste 200 ml oil

Method Chop the onions and accomplish a adhesive out of it in a aliment processor. Fry in some oil until it turns brown. Set aside Chop the Amaranth leaves and sauté them in oil. Accomplish a adhesive in a aliment processor. Set aside Peel chickpeas, abscess them for 10 mins in hot water, accumulate aside In a burden cooker, add the extra oil, the onion adhesive and the amber garlic paste. Sauté Add in the dry spices: the dhana jeera powder, garam masala, red chilli powder Once the spices no best aroma raw, add in the Amaranth paste, mutton and salt. Sauté for addition brace of mins. Add in 500ml of baptize and abutting the burden cooker. Acquiesce affable for 3 whistles and 10 mins on slow Once the burden is released, acquiesce the gravy to simmer until thick. Add in the chickpeas Finish the gravy by abacus the cream. Turn off the gas and add the auto juice. Serve with bendable pav


Doi chicken | Doi Murgi | Dahi Chicken | Doi Mangsho | Bengali Chicken Curry - chicken recipes bangla

Doi chicken | Doi Murgi | Dahi Chicken | Doi Mangsho | Bengali Chicken Curry – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

Ask a Parsi about his food, or ask him about his day. You may get the aforementioned answer. As Cherag Khajotiya, who was built-in into a Parsi ancestors that runs a accouterment business absolutely mentions, a Parsi is annihilation afterwards his adulation for aliment and drinks. Perhaps one of the oldest communities to seek ambush in India, their accession to Gujarat is corrective in a admirable story. Aback the baron of Gujarat feared that the refugees from Iran would booty up amplitude in his kingdom, the baton of the accumulation caked amoroso into a bottle of milk and said, “We are like the amoroso in your milk: not alone will we digest into your land, afterwards spilling over, but we will additionally accomplish it sweeter.”

“We are vanishing,” admits Cherag. The Parsis abate by the day: inter-faith marriages avoid assembly out of the community, and the absence of a adolescent bearing added pushes the cardinal downward. So, it becomes all the added important to bless what makes the association stronger: its food. “Even aback addition dies, we bless the activity of the ancient with a final adieu of the dhansak.”

The Parsis are an apotheosis of happiness: they accomplish abiding to bless every birthday, every navjote (religious induct), every lagan (wedding) with abundant acclamation and, of course, a appropriate menu. “A lagan no bhonu (wedding feast) will accommodate murghi ni farcha (fried chicken), patra ni machhi (fish aflame in assistant leaves) and Parsi mutton pulav,” Cherag enlists. In fact, one doesn’t accept to delay for a bells for a feast. “Every Sunday calls for dhansak with kebabs.” With six types of lentils caramelised with onions, the dhansak is allegorical of the Parsi cuisine. “We additionally adulation to baker every blazon of vegetable with meat. Okra with mutton, appearance with prawns — you name it.” The food, the language, the aggregate history — Cherag speaks of a association that has alloyed seamlessly into the country, but struggles to accumulate afloat. He hopes that the Parsi community, in all its adorable glory, continues to thrive.


In the 1800s, in an old, raking mansion, the English saheb enjoys a meal of brawl back-scratch and craven rice. Christmases of buzz craven and wine, yes, but for the blow of the year, the baker whips up curries and koftas. Anglo-Indian aliment has a simple agent story: the British colonialists of India brought their European recipes — and brindled them with Indian spices. The Railway Mutton Curry, mulligatawny, the dak bungla mutton curry, these are all misadventures built-in out of a history of communities and colonies. A brace of centuries later, the association is still actual abundant a allotment of the country’s identity, and yet, it stays cocked in its traditions of aliment and religion.

Conrad Young, a Delhi-based affiliate of the association describes it best: “We are a happy, accepting community.” One generally assembly the Christmas block or buzz craven with Anglo-Indians — but that’s almost abrading the apparent of their comestible tradition. “Every Anglo basin hints at a European recipe, but carries the Indian spirit. We afflicted paprika to red chillies, thyme to coriander,” Conrad explains. “The Anglo aliment of Lucknow picks up an Afghani scent, admitting in the South it adheres added to their style. Anglo-Indian aliment is about assimilation.”

Food is an continued activity here, generally days-long. “Before Christmas, we adapt alkali meat.” A huge block of meat is absolute and able for 10 days, and afresh it lasts for days. From branch pies, quiches, hams to rose cookies, cakes and wine, the bodies accomplish aggregate at home. But if this brings you an angel of the women of the domiciliary active over stoves for days, Conrad will agitate you out of your illusion. “In our community, the men go into the kitchen, and are aloof as abundant as allotment of any barbecue as their wives.” One affair charcoal clear: every admirable barbecue absolutely brings anybody together.

For Anglo-Indians, their association is family. At Christmas and Easter, the assembly adapt a acclaimed advance for the aged of the Anglo-Indian old-age homes of the city. “In a buffet of sorts, we accomplish amusing with aliment and wine with the elderly. Anybody is family, afterwards all.”

Through recipes that are now available, bodies are rediscovering the comestible gems of a association that imbibes the best of the East and the West. In befitting the association apprenticed and in giving them an impetus, the aliment of the Anglo-Indians is alone one archetype of how our commons can accomplish history.

Jatio Pitha Utshob 24 - chicken recipes bangla

Jatio Pitha Utshob 24 – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla


Only 30 Baghdadi Jews abide in Kolkata — the birth of a colourful association that begin a home in the Burghal of Joy. 90-year-old Flower Silliman is the oldest member, but her memories of growing up with Jewish aliment are bright as day. In belief of Jewish-Kolkata traditions that Flower mentions, it’s obvious: beyond thousand-mile migrations, alteration traditions and abbreviating numbers, aliment continues to be a bounden cilia to accumulate the Jewish character animate in Kolkata. “The Jews  came from a abode area there was no ginger. The aliment was bland,” explains Flower. The Jewish association created simple recipes that adopted from their ancestry and lent themselves to the spices and techniques accessible in India, like abacus garlic to a approved stew, “and it was absolutely tastier!” action Flower.

Over the years, the Kolkata Jewish cuisine saw innovation, while consistently befitting in apperception the best important allotment of a Jewish diet: bistro Kosher. “We do not accept dairy with meat,” Flower is close about the rules. This gave way to means of littoral about this duo in a acreage of biryani-with-raita and yogurt-marinated craven tikka. “We marinate the craven in attic milk, or auto juice. And if you appetite a little aliment pudding with your meal — able-bodied then, you accept to delay four hours!”

Flower remembers her grandmother’s baklavas and samboosas, and abounding ancestors recipes like kakh, a brittle sweet. Addition such airiness is the aloo makallah — different to the association here, it is a alliance amid Bengali and Jewish affable of the accurate aloo. “What I anticipate happened is,” Flower elaborates, “that a Jewish housewife saw her Bengali neighbour authoritative aloo bhaja — acceptable Bengali absurd potatoes — and anticipation of authoritative her own version. But she was too apathetic to cut up the potatoes, so they are absurd whole.” Aloo makallah is an important allotment of the meal on Friday evenings afore the Sabbath. The occasion, in all its food-laden glory, brings calm families in this community. Stewing acclaim on a low blaze overnight, a pot of blimp craven pond in rice, borsch and vegetables makes way for three dishes to be had on the day of rest: the meat, the rice and the band at the bottom.

The Jews of Kolkata do not devious from their identity. In her grandmother’s halcoons (a sesame-seed-based dish) and mahashas (stuffed capsicum), Flower keeps the attitude alive. Her daughter, Jael, abstracts their ancestry on an online archive, immortalising the Jewish-Kolkata life, art, aliment and history. They debris to be forgotten.


Ingredients 5 average alarm peppers (any colour) 5 ample and close tomatoes ¾ cup basmati rice ½ batter arena chicken ½ – ¾ cup canola oil (depends on pan) 1 lemon’s juice 3 tbsp beginning excellent leaves, cautiously chopped 1 tsp anniversary of adequate salt, ground ginger, and garlic powder ½ tsp arena turmeric

method Set your oven to preheat at 375°F. Rinse  rice in until the baptize runs clear, and afresh abode it in a basin and absorb it with water Cut the acme off the tomatoes about ¾ of an inch from the top. Save the tops. Acclaim cut about the amazon edges to alleviate the veins and seeds from the alien shell. With a spoon, beat out the seeds and beef from the tomato’s insides. Abode the abstract and seeds into a ample basin and beef on a acid board Cut the acme off the peppers about ¾ of an inch from the top. Save the tops. Discard the ribs and seeds Cautiously chop the amazon flesh/puree it in a aliment processor/immersion blender. Add to the basin with the amazon abstract and seeds. Add the auto juice, 2 tbsp of canola oil, salt, turmeric, garlic, amber and mint. Stir. Drain the rice. Add the rice and arena craven to the admixture and activity again. Ensure a blubbery soup consistency

Coat the basal of a antithesis pan/baking basin with canola oil. Abode the amazon ‘shells’ and the peppers in the pan. Fill anniversary tomato/pepper ¾ of the way to the top. Drizzle the abounding vegetables with some canola oil on top. Abode the acme aback on the tomatoes and peppers

Jatio Pitha Utshob 41 - chicken recipes bangla

Jatio Pitha Utshob 41 – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

Cover the basin with foil. Baker in the pre-heated oven for 45 mins. Then, booty the antithesis off of the basin and baker for addition 15 minutes. The vegetables should be tender; the rice cooked

Chicken Recipes Bangla – chicken recipes bangla
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Bangali Foods: Chicken Fulkopi Bhuna in Bangla - chicken recipes bangla

Bangali Foods: Chicken Fulkopi Bhuna in Bangla – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

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Chicken Nuggets - chicken recipes bangla

Chicken Nuggets – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

চিকেন তেহারি|| Chicken Tehari Recipe Bangla ..

চিকেন তেহারি|| Chicken Tehari Recipe Bangla .. | chicken recipes bangla

Bangladeshi Rustic Style Chicken Curry | Khadiza’s Kitchen – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

Murgir Jhol – Bengali style Chicken Curry | Cooking Delight - chicken recipes bangla

Murgir Jhol – Bengali style Chicken Curry | Cooking Delight – chicken recipes bangla | chicken recipes bangla

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