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Around 1972, a accumulation of 160 or so white-robe cutting hippies descended on Los Feliz area they busy a posh, 24-room, Georgian-style abode on Inverness Street. Led by Ancestor Yod — aka YaHoWha aka James Edward Baker — a bodybuilder angry war hero angry bloom aliment guru, they spent their canicule meditating, arena consciousness-expanding music, smoker marijuana, sleeping with anniversary added and bistro a austere vegetarian diet.

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20 Vegetarian Dinner Recipes That Everyone Will LOVE ..

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To abutment themselves, they founded the Source, a Sunset Strip bloom aliment restaurant that became so affecting Woody Allen parodied it in the 1977 cine Annie Hall (he orders “alfalfa sprouts and mashed yeast”). But by then, the accumulation (some would alarm it a cult) had larboard California and its architect was dead.

Whether you see Ancestor Yod as a airy abstracted who was advanced of his time or a con artisan abduction addition culture’s traditions so he could beddy-bye with abundant adolescent women, the Source Ancestors — and its restaurant — larboard its mark on Southern California.

On Thursday, December 5, Gratitude Kitchen & Bar in Beverly Hills will pay admiration to the vegetarian cuisine of hippie-era Hollywood with a $75, five-course banquet (featuring CBD doses and alternative wine pairings) aggressive by the card at the Source. Above associates of the Source Brotherhood, including archivist and chronicler Isis Aquarian, will be on duke to acquaint belief of the group’s abrupt heyday and ball songs by the Source’s assorted bands, which appear nine consciousness-expanding albums during Yod’s life. And because activity sometimes imitates comedy, diners charge abrasion white or chrism clothing.

The renewed absorption in the Source Family’s bequest springs partly from a 2012 documentary about the accumulation and partly from our avant-garde allure with apple-pie eating, common active and spiritualism. At the centermost of these abstruse accoutrement is Jim Baker.

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From the start, Baker approved a bigger way of living. Born in Ohio in 1922, the strapping, able-bodied jailbait befriended arguable bloom aliment magnate Paul Bragg, who believed in fasting, juicing, vegetarianism and approved exercise. Bragg, who additionally anticipation tonsillitis was acquired by arresting “mucus basic foods” and abhorrent blight on “gooey, clammy foods,” is best accepted as the architect of an eponymous angel cider vinegar.

“[Father Yod] additionally befriended Jack LaLanne during the war time,” Aquarian says. “They absolutely both were at a V.A. hospital together. He was in as a patient, with armament in his leg from the war, and Jack LaLanne was the dietitian/nutritionist at the accretion center.”

LaLanne, who had angry to advantageous active as a 15-year-old afterwards audition a address by Bragg, would go on to acclaim as one of the country’s aboriginal fettle gurus.

Baker confused to Los Angeles afterwards World War II. While aggravating to acquisition assignment as a stuntman and bodybuilder, he fell in with the Nature Boys, a accumulation of vegetarian beatniks accepted for their antics on Muscle Beach. In 1955, Baker dead his Topanga Canyon acquaintance with a judo bang afterwards an argument over a dog angry violent. He managed to abstain prosecution.

Around 1958, Baker and his wife, Elaine, opened the Aware Inn at 8828 Sunset Blvd., a block abroad from area the Viper Allowance sits (at atomic for now). The Aware Inn prided itself on an extensive, mostly amoebic card of beginning salads, entrees (including beef tartare and bandage of sole) and cheesecake. Folksy sayings, such as “food should be called with confidence, eaten with amusement and digested with ease,” adorned the walls.

Healthy Vegetarian / Vegan Salad Recipe For Easy Lunch Or ..

In 1961, Joan Winchell wrote in the Los Angeles Times:

“This was our admired atom of the evening, reminding us as it did one of those down-a-side-street “discoveries” in Paris. It’s small, cozy, red-checkered, table-clothed and has a blaze afire dreamily in the red brick fireplace. You can get a complete banquet there for $2.95, and fellers, if you anytime appetite to be absolutely abandoned with the babe of your dreams, the tiny Upstairs Aware provides a admirable appearance of the burghal lights and a admirable waiter… Jim Baker is the different adolescent buyer whose amusement is anthropology. Promised Jim we’d try his blimp grape leaves abutting time about at his new Aware Inn in Sherman Oaks.”

With the success of the Aware Inn, Baker opened became a Sunset Strip sensation, but in January 1963, he afresh begin himself in agitation with the law. In the bathrobe allowance aloft the restaurant, he attempt Robert I. Ingram, a architect from Corona Del Mar, during an argument over Ingram’s adolescent wife, Jean. Baker accepted to kissing Jean already but claimed it was a alternate absorption in bloom aliment and Indian aesthetics that had fatigued them together. “It was a airy attraction,” Baker declared at trial.

Baker was bedevilled of assassination and bedevilled to one to ten years in prison. He managed to authority on to the restaurant and, in 1965, he opened the Old World, a block east at 8782 Sunset Blvd.

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That aforementioned year, Baker was was appear from a apprehension centermost afterwards confined alone bristles months. He was eventually accepted a new balloon and the accuse were alone although his alliance didn’t survive the turmoil. Afterwards divorcing Jim, Elaine Baker auspiciously ran the Aware Inn for years.

Baker, meanwhile, affable arch aboriginal into the amusement and amusing about-face of 1960s America. He became a addict of the airy authority Yogi Bhajan, accustomed with bringing kundalini yoga to the west and affiliation it with added traditions, including astrology.

It wasn’t continued afore Baker was agog to accessible addition restaurant. According to the book The Source: The Untold Story of Ancestor Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13 and The Source Family:

“One autumn day in 1968, Jim was hiking amid the Calabasas oaks back he met a man on the trail. Jim regaled the adolescent hiker, a man called Ray Feldman, with belief of his airy adventure and his new abstraction for a restaurant based on comestible acumen begin in the abstruse article of Jesus Christ as appear through the Essene Gospels of Peace.”

Charmed, Feldman loaned Baker $35,000.

“Jim spent the abutting few months reconstructing the little architecture he best on Sunset and Sweetzer from its above activity as a motorcycle and hamburger joint,” address Isis and Electricity Aquarian in The Source: The Untold Story, their book about activity in the family.

“One day, Baba Don, a acquaintance from Yogi Bhajan’s ashram, chock-full by and asked what he was activity to alarm the restaurant. Up until then, Jim had been apropos to it as the ‘salad bowl,’ but back he opened his aperture to acquaint the name, he blurted out ‘The Source,’ as if addition abroad were speaking through him. And thus, it all began.”

On April 1, 1969, the Source clearly opened.

The small, 25-table restaurant, with its all-embracing patio adverse the Sunset Strip, featured a broiler that Baker had adapted into a waterfall, topped with melting candles in bubble colors. The waiters were attractive, adolescent (often actual young) annual accouchement clad all in white. Best were followers of the alluring Baker, constant by his credo of advantageous active and chargeless love.

His access to cuisine wasn’t an actual hit.

“He experimented back The Source aboriginal opened. It was affectionate of raw and vegan, and it absolutely wasn’t activity over actual well. He had to about-face over to vegetarian, which was dairy. We did accept about six or seven items that were adapted with rice and tofu and the amazon sauces and stuff,” Aquarian says.

The revised Source menu, featuring vegetable salads, bake-apple salads, lentil soup, amazon and the “best beginning juices on the planet” (including smoothies and auto slushies) began alluring some of L.A.’s hippest swingers.

“There was a abbreviate renaissance aeon there area it absolutely was actual magical,” Aquarian says.

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Even the L.A. Times admired the fare, which was sourced from local, analogously absent producers like Santa Barbara’s Sunburst Farms and date-grower Gypsy Boots, who endemic the accepted L.A. bloom aliment abundance Bloom Hut, on Beverly Blvd. abreast La Cienega:

“Seems like about everyone’s been actuality at one time or added for The Source’s cheese and walnut loaf or Mother’s Eggplant (stuffed with Greek olives, mushrooms, pignolias, tomatoes and sautéed in garlic…with amber rice), both of which, as are all entrees, $4.25. Their salads are abounding and filling, their juices are fabricated beginning to adjustment (even watermelon) and their Kona coffee is as ambrosial as the flowers on the tables. They’re bound in the active for the best amazon in town, with their coffee, carob, date-nut or apparent at $1.25 a slice. And their blubbery biscuit and nut-stuffed accomplished aureate French acknowledgment is unmatched. You usually get to boring at some bedrock brilliant or added back The Source is appropriate in band with the Hyatt House and bottomward the alley from the Roxy.”

Aquarian says she was abnormally addicted of the Source special, an accessible face sandwich that featured accomplished aureate aliment topped with guacamole, mushrooms, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, broiled cheese and the restaurant’s acclaimed auto assemble bathrobe alongside a salad.

The Source anon became accepted for added than its food. Baker had amorphous teaching classes in meditation, adoration and eastern aesthetics at the restaurant on Sunday mornings. He took on a new name, Ancestor Yod. Supported by gain from the restaurant, he and his followers confused into the Los Feliz mansion, which had already been endemic by Harry Chandler, the administrator of the Los Angeles Times. Holding cloister at the Source, amidst by a assembly of bawdy beauties, the anew christened Ancestor Yod had clearly become a Los Angeles guru.

“The James Baker I had accidentally accepted had looked like what he was, a flush Beverly Hills restaurant owner, modishly dressed, with a array of hip, air-conditioned attitude,” amateur Steve Allen recalled in his book Beloved Son: A Story of the Jesus Cults. “The amount that now appeared looked like Michelangelo’s adaptation of god the father. Long, abounding gray-white hair, a abounding beard, acute eyes.”

Despite the group’s free-flowing vibe, Yod ran the Source restaurant — and the Source Ancestors — like a acclimatized entrepreneur.

“It was actual well-organized. Nobody cared what [jobs] they did. We all knew how to do aggregate but we didn’t affliction if we were cat-and-mouse on tables or authoritative food. There was a aggregation and they had their shifts. It was run like a business,” Aquarian says.

Joni Mitchell, Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty and Julie Christie were audience at the Source. By 1971, it had become absolutely the scene, as the L.A. Times appear with abuse glee:

“The Source on the Sunset Strip has become the new canoeing stations for artery people, musicians, cine makers. “Every affectionate of actuality comes here,” says Robin, adolescent wife of Source buyer Jim Baker, “including a lot of affluent Beverly Hills matrons. The Source… additionally draw[s] a lot of animated swamis in white turbans and abounding eastern garments. I get the consequence that some of these angelic men — and some of the added super-serene assemblage and confined bodies — accept not alone transcended McDonald’s aureate arches but all animal appetites as well. But the aliment is excellent. Besides appetizing sandwiches and salads, The Source offers the best bake-apple juices in L.A., and a hi-protein atom — with beginning fruits, honey and aureate antibody — that would accomplish alike the Maharishi put abreast his adoration chaplet for morning pushups…”

“One of the affidavit the Source restaurant was so acclaimed and so accepted was [Father Yod] had the added advantage of already actuality a Hollywood legend. Jack LaLanne said, ‘I can’t go out and eat anywhere. Your restaurant is about the alone abode I can go.’ Alike bodies that ate meat came because the aliment was good. It was an animated frequency,” Aquarian says.

Back at the Mother House in Los Feliz, Ancestor Yod and the ancestors ate sparingly, generally cat-and-mouse for their about-face at the restaurant to grab a bite. According to a 1972 contour in the L.A. Times:

“There is no stove in the kitchen. There is no charge for one; the ancestors eats aloof alert daily, basic bake-apple and basics and seeds and milk and honey. This morning the women served a “pie” of ashamed basics topped by guacamole, broken tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts, a bake-apple and nut salad, broken bananas with yogurt and carob dressing, aureate rolls with assemble sauce, and milk.”

In 1973, the Source Ancestors was kicked out of the Chandler abode afterwards neighbors complained about their free-loving, free-grazing ways, and they confused to a three-bedroom home in Nichols Canyon. Pressure from law administration apropos the attendance of arrears girls began to abode the family. According to Aquarian, in backward 1974, Ancestor Yod, now calling himself YaHoWha, awash the Source to Mel Zahn’s Sunset Corporation. He and his best adherent followers decamped for Hawaii.

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There, they hoped to accessible a new restaurant but alert locals resisted those plans. On August 25, 1975, Yod died afterwards crash-landing his hang-glider on a beach. The accumulation disbanded a few years later.

“He aloof said, ‘I’ve accustomed you aggregate I know. It’s time for you to go out on your own aisle and journey, now. I’ve done mine.’ And that’s what we did,” Aquarian says.

Aquarian, who anxiously photographed the ancestors during its abrupt existence, continues to accumulate Ancestor Yod’s article animate as an archivist and historian for the group.

She has watched with pride as account about organic, local, vegetarian aliment accept become mainstream.

“This adolescent bearing are absolutely dispatch up to the plate. There’s activity to be no excuses. It’s like everybody’s accepting on the bandwagon,” she says.

For years, Aquarian has been accompany with Ryland Engelhart, co-founder and mission accomplishment administrator of the plant-based Cafe Gratitude alternation of restaurants.

“I adulation what they’re doing. They were awful aggressive by the Source. [Ryland] said that appropriate up front, ‘Oh, my god. We bow to you,'” she says.

Englehart echoes the accent of that articulation in a account supplied to LAist:

“The Source restaurant, the aboriginal in Los Angeles to advance raw, amoebic and vegetarian eating, was a avant-garde in the abstraction of a business cogent a ability of love, account and well-being. While there are abounding differences amid the two restaurants, there are accoutrement of similarities that we can playfully accede and pay accolade to.”

For Aquarian, the banquet at Gratitude Kitchen represents a casual of the torch.

“This is iconic,” she says, “because it’s the old guard, which is us, amalgamation with the abutting bearing and aloof befitting it activity as one energy.”

Those who haven’t had their ample of ‘retro collective chichi can acquisition Isis Aquarian’s sun-kissed photos of the Source in the appearance “Children of the Sun,” on appearance at Ladies’ Room, an art arcade in city L.A., through December 20.

Dinner Salad Recipes Vegetarian – dinner salad recipes vegetarian
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