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Even if you anticipate you don’t apperceive who Shawn Wasabi is, you’ve apparently at the absolute atomic apparent his hands. Weird statement, I know, but Shawn’s viral 2015 hit Marble Soda was a mid-decade YouTube accident — millions of admirers were absorbed by Shawn’s adeptness to mash-up over 130 of his admired sounds into a distinct achievement on an at-the-time never-before-seen 64-button midi-controller. That midi, DJ Tech Tools’ Midi Fighter 64, was absolutely co-invented by Shawn, who acquainted bound by the 16-button adaptation on the bazaar and was fabricated custom for him afore its closing bartering release.

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The Midi Fighter 64 would get the spotlight in several added singles from Wasabi, the dancing LED lights acting as the absolute beheld accessory to his hyper-energetic chip-tune afflicted compositions. But in 2017, the artisan himself began to footfall into the anatomy as his music became added structured. That was the year he alone Otter Pop, his aboriginal agreement with vocals, by way of bedfellow accompanist Hollis. The video is a abandonment from Wasabi’s antecedent assignment — starting with a abounding affected attempt of the artisan sitting cross-legged on the attic afore absorption in on his fingers dancing forth the Midi Fighter.

This year’s single, SNACK, featuring vocals by common assistant Raychel Jay is Shawn’s catchiest distinct yet, acceptable accolades from Anthony Fantano and bearing Shawn’s best high-production music video to date (featuring acquaintance of UPROXX Roy Choi!). I met up with Shawn backward aftermost ages in LA’s Chinatown area we chopped it up over aliment from his admired Filipino restaurant, LASA. We covered Shawn’s aboriginal canicule in music, his artistic process, and some of his active inspirations.

As a bonus, Shawn additionally keyed us into some of his added admired LA Filipino aliment joints, from admixture cuisine to the mom and pop accordance of Lutong Bahay in Eagle Rock.

Check Shawn’s picks afterwards the account and accord SNACK a accept below. Fair warning, it’s about to be ashore in your arch all day.

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Of all places, why are we at LASA?

We’re at LASA because the Filipino aliment actuality isn’t like any added acceptable Filipino restaurant or like mom or dad’s cooking. The abstraction of Filipino aliment is to amplitude absolutely bargain capacity to get the best blast for your buck. For the best part, growing up, I’d eat rice and craven alloyed with 50% soy booze and vinegar, and that’s what craven adobo is.

It’s aloof air-conditioned simple and bargain capacity but done in a way so that it lasts longer. In the Philippines, it’s hot and tropical, so aliment would go bad unless you begin a way to bottle it. That’s why a lot of our cuisine is alkali and soy sauce. But LASA is afterpiece to the abstraction of accomplished dining. Actuality they accept added big-ticket capacity and they’ve ample out how to accomplish it on the akin of accomplished dining.

What would you say, in Filipino cuisine, are the aperture foods?

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Definitely lumpia, which is our adaptation of an egg roll. We booty an egg cycle adhesive and we aloof actuality it with meat. That’s what it is. So air-conditioned simple. And additionally craven adobo, which is absolutely aloof craven alloyed with alkali and soy sauce. They’re air-conditioned simple dishes. Those two, especially. I’m aggravating to anticipate what abroad would be the gateway…

Pancit seems the easiest.

Yeah, that one’s accessible too. There are so abounding altered types of pancit. But basically, you booty vermicelli noodles or some bits like that. And the way my mom cooks it, it’s abounding with vegetables and lime. That stuff’s air-conditioned simple. It’s so good, but aback you acquisition out about the recipe, it’s abominable how bargain and accessible it is.

I appetite to ask you a little bit about the SNACK video. How appear it was important to accommodate bodies like Roy Choi, Guava Juice, and the Boba Guys founders?

When I aboriginal confused to LA four years ago, I confused to Palms in Culver City. I was on the west side, absolutely a block abroad from area Roy Choi opened up his taqueria, Kogi. Aback that opened up in my neighborhood, I went to the admirable opening. I saw Roy Choi abaft the adverse and I was, “Damn, that dude’s a absolutely acclaimed chef.” I grew up in a baby acreage town. Active in a baby acreage town, it’s aloof a agglomeration of farmland and there’s annihilation to do. It’s like active in a cave.

I accept Filipino aliment and Asian food, but to the admeasurement of how my mom and dad adapted it, and what my ancestors and accompany and their parents made. Activity to Roy Choi’s restaurant and seeing the accomplished abstraction of admixture cuisine, area Roy Choi would booty kimchi and add it to tacos or booty altered Korean foods and seamlessly absorb them with altered added things that are accustomed in LA. Incorporate his own Korean ability into the bounded LA cuisine, that was air-conditioned air-conditioned to me. And I was, “Woah, that’s tight.” It acquainted agnate to the music I was authoritative area it’s, “What can we put together? What can we bandy at the wall, and what’s activity to stick?” I chronicle heavily to that.

For Boba Guys — I grew up in Northern California, and I went to the aboriginal Boba Guys area in San Francisco in the Mission aback aback they aboriginal opened up, I appetite to say it was six or seven years ago. I went to that area with my accompany who took me there and I was, “Yo, this is absolutely good.” We had one boba boutique in my hometown and I would go there a lot of the time, but the way they fabricated their drinks, they aloof put crumb into a cup, and they beverage it that way.

Pinoy food recipe cooking - food recipes pinoy

Pinoy food recipe cooking – food recipes pinoy | food recipes pinoy

My aboriginal time seeing tea and seeing milk teas absolutely actuality fabricated with absolute capacity was a big moment for me.

That’s affectionate of like the aforementioned affair as your allure with LASA, a added anxiously crafted adaptation of article you already love.

Yeah, they bent me at the appropriate time and also, “Yo, this is the bits that matters.” Growing up it’s, “Yeah, you bent me at the appropriate time.”

What is the action for you of authoritative music?

It’s afflicted a lot.

How has it changed?

I’ve developed up arena instruments. I acclimated to do classical piano acquaint aback aback I was a kid. I played piano aback I was four. Aback I fabricated my Midi Fighter 64 controller, I would amount a agglomeration of complete songs and I’d aloof jam around. Now that I got into the apple of pop music and alive with added artists and rappers, they appetite you to accomplish article on the spot. The easiest way for me to do that is to absolutely jump on a piano or a keyboard and body about chords until article sounds cool, and afresh body the blow of the exhausted about that.

So I’ll do the ambit progression first. I’ll jam out to a ambit progression, and body melodies over that, do drums next, and afresh the artists in the allowance can bathe over it or address a song for it.

So it changes a lot. Aback I did Marble Soda, this was aback in 2014, the way I fabricated that music was by alert to a lot of songs on Pandora and SoundCloud and radio and TV and everywhere. I would rip those songs off the internet and chop out samples from anniversary one and bandy them into a folder. Afterwards several months I’d accept a behemothic binder of samples, and I would accomplish a song with that. And that’s how Marble Soda and actuality about that time came together.

Let’s allocution about the Midi Fighter 64. Why did you feel like you bare to accept 64 buttons?

Good question. A lot of the boom pads that were out at the time I didn’t like how the buttons acquainted on that. I absolutely adulation the feel of accelerated arcade buttons, area it reminds me a lot of arena a video game, and it’s absolute acceptable because you feel the automated click, like acute an arcade button. So what they had at the time was the abate Midi Fighter Spectra 3D Pro or whatever. That one had 16 buttons. As a pianist, that was not abundant for me. A piano has 88 keys. As addition that was classically trained, I would aces up all the options and comedy that. 64 buttons. That’s why I accept 64 buttons because at the time of Marble Soda and Burnt Rice, it was absolute maximalist. I would try to fit in as abundant bits as I could, and that was aloof the way I capital to accomplish music at the time. It was, “What can we get abroad with?”

Interesting, I feel like accomplishing the opposite, article that’s absolutely basal is harder because the alone genitalia charge to absolutely angle out on their own and be strong.

I’ve been aggravating to get my ego out of the way, and booty out all the genitalia that — I try to absolve things bottomward to the point area it’s, “This is so good,” but at the aforementioned time it’s so dumb. Aloof because it’s so minimally pure. I try to do that with the pop music I do nowadays because aback I accomplish pop music, we charge the elements that absolutely amount and aggregate abroad aloof gets in the way.

What are some of your agreeable influences?

I got into cyberbanking music absolutely through audition Skrillex on YouTube. Aback then, I played in metal bands. I played in a lot of bands arena guitar. Aback I was a kid, my mom had classical music and Beatles and Jackson 5 in her CD collection, and I would comedy that all the time. A lot of her added CDs was like body and Motown and stuff. And afresh appear the after years of aerial school, I got into like Chiptune and Nightcore and SoundCloud. I listened to Anamanaguchi, and a lot of my accompany fabricated music, so I was alert to their beats as well.

I feel like you could apprehend some of the Jackson 5 in “SNACK” with its communicable glee.

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Filipino Food Be sure to check out more great recipes at .. | food recipes pinoy

Yeah, “SNACK” has so abundant Jackson 5 in it! Aback afresh in Motown, there’s a lot of rhythms and patterns that are specific to that era. And alike ambit progressions, they would do this affair on the keyboard that was two chords, and I do it in “SNACK.” Or on the piano, they would- it’s adamantine to explain, but it’s a above accumulation and afresh you move to the fifth. So it’s two chords switching aback amid anniversary other. And in this song, I like do those Jackson 5 ambit patterns on top of the ambit progression that’s already there. There’s a lot of the bongos and the tambourines that a lot of instrumentalists in the Motown era used. It’s abounding of baby music approach things that the songwriters aback afresh absolutely acclimated all the time.

It’s absorbing that you’re application so many- I assumption it comes from your classical training, but application so abounding acceptable music elements to accomplish article that inarguably sounds like now or tomorrow.

It’s like demography article from the 1970s and putting it in 2030. Or aggravating to use it in a way area it feels contemporary-ish or authoritative it be aggressive afresh amidst the blow of avant-garde music.

What about the pop songwriting action afraid you the most? In allegory to your aboriginal abandoned work.

I didn’t apprehend how simple it is. Afore I was in pop sessions, I thought, “Damn, these bodies are super-geniuses and they’re advancing up with all these song lyrics.” They’re still geniuses, but the way they do it, it’s aloof like accepting a conversation. It’s like you’re talking to addition and all of a sudden, it’s, “Wait, say that affair again.” And afresh you apprehension that whatever they aloof said would complete acceptable as a song appellation or a song melody.

Just aggravating to acquisition article relatable or article that resonates?

Exactly. It’s demography accustomed conversation. You aces out the things that would be relatable or that’s article that bodies say all the time but it’s, “Why isn’t that a song yet?” Aback we wrote “SNACK,” the accomplished song is communicative area it’s, “You apperceive I’m attractive at you. I apperceive you’re attractive at me attractive at you.” It’s declared to complete like Raychel’s accepting a chat with bodies in the allowance or with addition abroad in the room.

Everyone writes songs differently. A lot of my accompany freestyle, of course. But I’m such a abstraction being that I’ll accept a agenda in my buzz of a agglomeration of brainless words and phrases that would apparently complete acceptable as a song.

I noticed that all of your singles are food-based. What’s up with that? What’s your affiliation with aliment and music?

For me, aliment is absolute beheld or it extends to the added senses a lot. Aback I apprehend a aliment optic in a song, I anticipate the aliment itself, and additionally I can aftertaste it or aroma it or whatever. It’s not aloof a air-conditioned song lyric, it adds to your added senses as well. Or it builds its own.

My acquaintance Hollis, who I address songs with a lot, the way she writes songs is she takes an article and describes it application as abounding anecdotic words that she can. She wrote the song with Macklemore alleged “White Walls.” It was a big song aback in those days. The choir area she sings, it’s literally, off-black Cadillac something, something. I don’t know. How does that choir go? It’s her anecdotic Macklemore’s car, and it’s so catchy, and it’s additionally air-conditioned visually descriptive. You anticipate it in your arch and absolutely anticipate of that existing.

Secondly, aliment is a huge cultural marker. At atomic in my culture, Filipinos, bistro banquet or bistro a meal is the one time of the day that we’re all sitting calm at the table. And we’re all accepting time with anniversary added and talking to anniversary added about our day. For a lot of Asian cultures too, we all accept our different aliment cuisines. We do a lot of adorning over food. Yeah, it’s a cultural marker. It’s a big chat point. I ran with it. I adulation autograph songs about aliment all the time, and I’m air-conditioned ADHD area I charge article to address about or abroad I’m activity to be all over the place. It keeps my artistic action grounded. Aback we wrote “SNACK,” we wrote the accomplished song about a bearings area you’re a lot adolescent and you accept a drove on someone, every already in a while you’ll booty a blink at that being and analysis them out. And aback they attending aback at you, you about-face away.

What if I didn’t about-face away? What if I looked at you and smiled back? Accepting able concepts like that makes it so abundant easier for me to address songs. I anticipate for added bodies too. If this abstraction is not able enough, I’ll alpha to lose the plot, and I’ll lose the chain of the songwriting.

I’ve apprehend at least, that you were aloft in a acceptable Filipino household. So how do they acknowledge to the — I beggarly you had classical agreeable training, but aback you said, “I appetite to accomplish music with arcade buttons and samples.” Did they accept that world? Were they supportive?

They appetite you to be musically inclined, but there’s a threshold.

It’s got to be ashore in reality?

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Yeah. Yeah. “You can get absolutely acceptable at piano, but amuse don’t be a artisan as your career.” We never had a absolute piano growing up. We consistently had mini keyboards. I anticipate a lot of my affiliation to Midi was not accepting a absolute piano, and arena on a Casio keyboard or arena on a roller keyboard instead of an absolute piano.

There’s a lot of self-actualization on my part, “What do I appetite to do aback I abound up?” My parents absolutely capital me to go to college, of course, so I activated to UCLA, I got accepted. My parents were air-conditioned appreciative of me, and I confused to LA to go appear the division and I alone out appropriate afore the aboriginal division began. I was already active in LA, but my mom was air-conditioned mad at me. My dad was disappointed. But that’s aback I started authoritative beats, and luckily it did well.

My parents weren’t musically inclined. They were an immigrant family. first-generation immigrants. Came to the United States appropriate afore I was born. Worked their asses off. Neither my mom or dad knew annihilation about music. They noticed me arena on a Casio keyboard aback I was four, and they’re, “Well, you can comedy with piano lessons.” That’s how that happened.

We were talking beforehand about music and appearance and art, and how they all alongside one another. Area do you see the approaching of appearance and the approaching of music going?

I feel like aggregate moves in alongside with the age of the internet, things absorb alike afterpiece to one another. Alike technology is accepting simpler. Aback I fabricated my Midi Fighter controller, I capital it to attending as simple and authentic and impaired as possible. And I feel added music tech and appearance are branch in that aforementioned direction, clarification aggregate bottomward to what’s essential.

Hifi Kitchen

This is my admired atom in Historic Filipinotown. During the time aback we were discussing the artistic for my music video SNACK, me and my administrator Tony and administrator Kelvin met at Boba Guys and ate actuality beyond the artery every time. I consistently got the ‘LA-ing’ fabricated with disconnected craven and attic milk.

Chef Justin makes some absurd dishes and is consistently so balmy and welcoming.

Lutong Bahay

This atom is a little Asian grocery abundance with a to-go aliment counter. They accept some of the best accepted ‘Filipino Mom home-cooking’ appearance food. I acclimated to airing actuality from my accommodation and get the beef caldereta with rice.

Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant is one of my admired places to get chicken. The aliment is ancestors appearance so accompany your ancestors or a agglomeration of friends! Order the craven and bandy the assistant booze on it.

Rice Guys

This is a Filipino aliment to-go atom with a blow of adolescent East Asian appearance and a bit of Los Angeles flavor. The basin with the craven wings is absolutely chilly but absolute abundant for me to eat at the flat and still accept affluence of artistic activity to work. The buyer Ralph is absolutely cool, I met him about one time I absolved in.

Shawn Wasabi is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an absolute accessory of Warner Music Group.

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