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French macarons, German spitzbuben and amber dent accolade acicular with Mexican and Italian liqueur triumphed in the Chicago Tribune Anniversary Cookie Claiming 2019, ceremony from a first-time contender.

Halloween Cupcakes - Halloween Food Recipes

Extra scary Halloween ghost cake recipe - halloween food recipes

Extra scary Halloween ghost cake recipe – halloween food recipes | halloween food recipes

Peppermint amber macarons won aboriginal abode for Marni Widen, 23, of the Old Town adjacency in Chicago. Pink blotchy puffs with hints of air-conditioned herbal excellent captivated the aphotic amber hearts of the candied meringue confections.

Oma’s spitzbuben placed added for Barbara Leschke, 55, of Spring Grove in McHenry County. Wintry delicate amoroso dusted brittle almond shortbread sandwiching ablaze drupe jam, hearkening aback to the acceptable German Christmas cookies.

The cocky declared “best anytime amber dent cookies” took third abode for Marybeth Apolzan, 61, of Oswego in Kendall County. The big, adventurous and admirable aureate brindled American abstract transcended simple milk sidekicks with advanced lashings of spirits.

This year 53 contestants submitted their recipes by midnight on Oct. 22, afore their neighbors had yet to duke out Halloween candy. Over the afterward weeks, snow annal fell as 3,247 online votes caked in. We about appear the top 12 finalists on Nov. 1 and contacted them privately. That weekend they baked. On Nov. 4, 11 bakers and one acquaintance of a chef braved Monday morning blitz hour to accompany two dozen accolade ceremony to the Tribune, 288 treats in all. Boxes, trays and a three-tiered affectation evoked the buttery and bathetic aromas of a broil shop.

Extra Scary Halloween Ghost Cake Recipe - Halloween Food Recipes

A dozen board accumulated in the analysis kitchen to account on a calibration from 1 to 9 on beauty, aftertaste and originality.

Aya Fukai, our Critic’s Best Dining Awards pastry chef of the year, abutting us as a bedfellow judge. Formerly a accomplished dining restaurant chef, Fukai now owns Aya Pastry, authoritative breads, breakfast pastries and sweets from scratch. Primarily a broad bakery, the storefront in the West Town adjacency opens as a pop-up pastry boutique on Fridays and Saturdays.

“For anybody who brought in their cookies, backdrop to them. It’s article so adamantine to do at home,” said Fukai account afterwards judging. “Even admitting I own a massive bakery, I never broil at home because it’s aloof too abundant work.”

“The notable ones for me were added simple. I adulation soft-textured accolade with an added crisis aspect somewhere,” she said. “One of the accolade I admired so abundant that I had two, alike admitting there were 12 accolade I had to eat.”

Food & Dining requires contestants to abide an aboriginal cookie. What does the pro admonish for those who appetite to actualize a recipe?

11 Easy Halloween Appetizers — Best Halloween Party ..

“My admonition for bodies is don’t anguish at aboriginal what it’s activity to attending like,” said Fukai. “Always assignment on what it’s activity to aftertaste like. The looks can be tweaked later. As continued as it tastes good, that’s what stays in people’s anamnesis the most.”

The top three winners accept banknote prizes ($50 for third place, $150 for added place, $250 for aboriginal place) and a archetype of our cookbook “Holiday Cookies: Prize-Winning Ancestors Recipes from the Chicago Tribune for Cookies, Bars, Brownies and More.” Plus they visited the Tribune analysis kitchen, for a tour, cookie tasting affair and photo shoot.

The Tribune captivated its aboriginal Anniversary Cookie Claiming in 1986. Julia Child served as a bedfellow adjudicator in 1996, the 10th anniversary. We skipped the claiming in 1999 cerebration no one cared. Popular appeal brought it aback in 2000. In a few weeks we’ll conductor in a new decade, and hopefully addition dozen bakers of the best accolade anytime abutting year.

Here are the Chicago Tribune Anniversary Cookie Claiming 2019 top three winners.


Marybeth Apolzan’s best-ever amber dent cookies

“It’s not aloof your accustomed amber dent cookie,” said Apolzan. “It has added capacity such as three kinds of nuts: macadamia, walnuts and pecans. It additionally has some liqueur, Frangelico and Kahlua, forth with vanilla. And it’s beyond so that affectionate of keeps it clammy with all those capacity in there.”

“I bethink the aboriginal time we fabricated it, I told my mom these accolade are activity to bulk me, like, $75,” said Apolzan, a retired coffer examiner who formed at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for 35 years. “I had to buy the amber chips, basics and alcohol.”

The aboriginal time was in 1993. “When my youngest babe was built-in 26 years ago, my mom came to appointment me for a week,” said Apolzan. “She kept saying, ‘when is she activity to go bottomward for a nap, because I appetite to broil this new cookie I found.’”

Her mother, Helen Gall, who lived until she was 95, begin the aboriginal compound in a magazine.

“We’ve been authoritative them anytime since,” said Apolzan, who’s still arena with the recipe. “I’ve added cashews. Sometimes I use all aphotic chocolate. Sometimes I use all milk chocolate. Sometimes I mix it, which is what I do for this recipe.”

Although this is the cookie she makes year-round, “when I accept aggregation or I’m activity someplace,” Apolzan said it was the adventure declaring our countdown Cookie Baking Weekend that aggressive her to access the contest. The adventure included the amber dent cookie compound from the new cookbook, “Midwest Made: Big, Adventurous Baking from the Heartland” by Chicago-area columnist Shauna Sever.

“That was affectionate of my challenge,” said Apolzan. “I’ve never done it before, so it was fun.”

She came aback from Florida aloof to broil for the contest. “We break in Florida for Christmas and our three daughters appear down,” said Apolzan, who’s not the alone chef in the family. “They accomplish nut rolls and Linzer accolade with apricot or blow jelly.”


Barbara Leschke’s Oma’s spitzbuben

“A absolute attenuate two-layered cookie with raspberry jam in the middle,” said Leschke aback asked to call her spitzbuben, a acceptable German Christmas cookie. Leschke was a anniversary altogether babyish who will about-face 56 on Christmas Eve.

The compound dates aback 70 years or so to her affectionate grandmother.

“Oma is German for grandma,” she said. “My dad is still Opa and my mom will consistently be Oma.”

“You can’t alike brainstorm how abundant this means,” said Leschke. “It’s not alike about the cookies. It’s about my mom.”

“She had this adulation for authoritative accolade during the holidays to accord to people,” she added. “She would broil bags of cookies, literally. She’d alpha aboriginal November; that way she knew everybody would accept a basin of cookies.”

“Growing up I fabricated the accolade with her.”

“My mom never broiled accolade at any added time of the year,” said Leschke. “She fabricated assistant aliment and concoction cake, but never anytime cookies. Accolade were a absolutely appropriate affair to her.”

Halloween Cupcakes - halloween food recipes

Halloween Cupcakes – halloween food recipes | halloween food recipes

“This is the complete admired of appealing abundant anybody in the family.”

Her mother, Renate Kennedy, lived until she was 79. “She fought a continued action with cancer,” said Leschke. “She anesthetized abroad in April 2016.”

“For her canonizing service, about 250 bodies backward for lunch,” she said. “We fabricated all of her Christmas accolade and a few cakes that she made. That’s what we served for dessert.”

“I use absolutely high-quality ingredients,” said Leschke. “For those cookies, I use Kerrygold butter, agrarian flour, pikestaff amoroso jam. I fabricated my own delicate amoroso with amoebic amoroso with my Vitamix.”

“Because it’s a appropriate thing, you appetite it to be added good.”

“When my dad begin out I entered these cookies, he was over the moon,” she said. “That was already a win for him.”

Her father, Joe Kennedy, 82, is a retired bi-weekly typesetter and administrator of a basal room. “Newspapers are his thing, so he voted every distinct day,” said Leschke laughing.


Marni Widen’s peppermint amber macarons

“I was cerebration of article that could administer not alone during the holidays, but year-round as well, because excellent amber is such a classic,” said Widen.

“I absolutely fabricated these aftermost year in December for my appointment floor’s bake-off and got aboriginal place,” said Widen, an analyst at J.P. Morgan Private Bank. “So these accept advised me well.”

But that was not the case the aboriginal time she approved to accomplish macarons. “I anticipate the aboriginal time I attempted them was in aerial school, six or seven years ago,” she said. “I acquainted absolute defeated and went on aperture for a few years.”

“Once I was in college, I revisited them, watching YouTube videos. From there my one baking ambition was to accomplish a French macaron. I knew they were absolutely difficult, but I anticipation if I could do that, again I could broil anything.”

“I absolutely abounding a macaron authoritative chic with my sister-in-law,” said Widen. “She knew I was aggravating to accomplish these and I hadn’t absolutely gotten it bottomward yet.”

The chic at Accord Me Some Amoroso in Lakeview was a absolutely helpful, she said. “I took a ton of addendum and acclimatized my compound from there.”

“Once I got bottomward the apparent basal cookie, again I started cerebration of means to accomplish it added exciting, adapting for the holidays and altered flavors,” said Widen. “From there, that’s area I anticipation about peppermint chocolate. It’s such a archetypal anniversary flavor. You can change the blush of the recipe, to accomplish it attending like a little peppermint. And who doesn’t adulation amber ganache?”

Despite her absorbing macarons, she does not commonly absorb her time baking during the holidays.

“I candidly usually aloof accomplish Hanukkah accolade about December,” said Widen. “Those are basal amoroso cookies. I absorb best of my time decorating as against to the absolute flavor. I am absolute into decorating the accolade with altered colors of frosting and application aristocratic icing to aqueduct layers of designs.”

“I never absolutely dabbled into added anniversary accolade until this.”

“For me, it’s absolutely fun to plan out altered flavors, accept a final product, and accord it to people,” she said. “To watch them eat it and adulation it, that’s the best part.”

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Peppermint amber macarons

Prep: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Bake: 12-15 minutes

Makes: 30 macarons

The aboriginal abode accolade appear from Marni Widen of Chicago. She directs home bakers to acquiesce the egg whites to sit in a basin on the adverse overnight. She gives abstracts in grams for accuracy; we accept approximated those in aggregate measures for those of you after a calibration in the kitchen. To accomplish a blotchy attending for the macaron shells (to actor peppermint candies), she divides the concoction in two and tints bisected red while abrogation the blow white. Again she mixes the two calm as she spoons them into a pastry bag. You may additionally accept to cast all of the concoction red, as we did in the analysis kitchen.

Macaron shells:

190 grams abashed almond abrade (about 1 1/4 u00be cups)

205 grams delicate amoroso (about 1 1/4 u00be cups)

144 grams egg whites (about 4 1/4 u00bd egg whites)

1/4 u00bd teaspoon peppermint extract

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs for Halloween - halloween food recipes

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs for Halloween – halloween food recipes | halloween food recipes

190 grams granulated amoroso (1 1/4 u00bd teaspoons shy of 1 cup)

60 milliliters water, about 1/4 u00bc cup

Red gel aliment coloring

Chocolate ganache:

1/4 u00bd cup abundant cream

4 ounces apricot chocolate, cautiously chopped

1. Sift almond abrade and delicate amoroso through a clarify into a ample bowl. (Throw abroad any actual chunks larboard in the sieve.) Add bisected the egg whites (72 grams) to the bowl; mix with a elastic spatula until absolutely congenital into a pastelike consistency. Add 1/4 u00bd teaspoon peppermint extract. Cover the basin with artificial wrap. Set aside.

2. For the Italian meringue: Add the granulated amoroso and baptize to a saucepan. Cook over aerial heat. The admixture will bubble, but do not stir. Insert a bonbon thermometer into the admixture and blow it to the ancillary of the saucepan. Once the admixture alcove 230 degrees, alpha bond the actual egg whites in a abstracted basin with a angle mixer on aerial until the eggs ability a barmy consistency. Once the sugar-water admixture alcove 244 degrees, booty it off the calefaction and boring dribble it into the egg white admixture while mixer is running. Once the abstract is absolutely poured, whip meringue on aerial until it alcove bright peaks, 5-6 minutes.

3. Fold meringue into the almond flour/sugar/egg admixture until a lavalike bendability is reached. This is an important step! Accomplish abiding to absolutely absorb the meringue after absolution out all the air you created. Split admixture amid two bowls abacus a baby bulk of red gel aliment appearance to one of the bowls and folding it in completely. Spoon or cascade some of the brave accumulation and some of the apparent accumulation into a brim bag adapted with a 1/4 u00bd-inch annular tip; aqueduct macaron shells about 2 inches in bore assimilate a silicone mat-lined cookie sheet. Once all are piped, bang/drop the baking area on the adverse a few times to accomplish abiding you get rid of any air bubbles in the batter. Let shells sit out for at atomic 30 account or until you can blow them after the concoction afraid to your finger.

4. Broil shells at 320 degrees for 12-15 minutes, alternating centermost through in case your oven cooks unevenly. Note: Everyone’s oven is different. You may accept to acclimatize depending on the accurateness of your oven (better to lower than raise). Remove baking area from the oven. Let macaron shells sit on the area for 10 account afore removing.

5. For the amber ganache: Calefaction chrism in a bucket over average calefaction until bubbles alpha to anatomy about the bend of the pan, about 4 minutes. Remove from the heat, add the chocolate, and let sit for 30 seconds. Whisk until the amber is broiled and smooth. Let air-conditioned in the fridge until admixture is a pipe-able consistency.

6. Assembly: Put ganache into a brim bag with a tip of your choice. Booty one macaron carapace and aqueduct a amphitheater of ganache, about the admeasurement of a quarter, into the centermost of the base of the shell. Booty addition carapace and acclaim sandwich on top, agee until the ganache aloof alcove the bend of the cookie. Repeat with actual shells.

Tip: Online and in some kitchen accumulation stores, attending for macaron cardboard templates that advice you aqueduct shells that are the aforementioned size.

Nutrition advice per macaron: 122 calories, 6 g fat, 2 g saturated fat, 5 mg cholesterol, 16 g carbohydrates, 14 g sugar, 2 g protein, 12 mg sodium, 1 g fiber


Oma’s spitzbuben

Prep: 30 minutes

Bake: 12 account per batch

Makes: 20 cookies

The added abode accolade are by Barbara Leschke of Spring Grove. She says the accolade are best aback fabricated one to two canicule afore confined and that you should advance the jam liberally, which softens the cookies.

1 stick (1/4 u00bd cup) butter, softened

1/4 u00bd cup sugar

1 1/4 u00bd cups agrarian flour

3 to 4 ounces cautiously arena almonds (1 cup to 1 1/4 cups)

1 teaspoon authentic boilerplate extract

4 to 5 tablespoons algid water

Granulated sugar, for rolling

Raspberry jam

1 to 2 cups delicate amoroso for coating

1. Calefaction oven to 350 degrees. Chrism the adulate in the basin of a angle mixer. Add the sugar; exhausted until incorporated. Mix in the abrade and arena almonds until incorporated. Mix in the vanilla. Add 4 tablespoons algid water; mix thoroughly until the chef forms a ball. Add up to 1 added tablespoon algid water, if necessary. The cookie chef will accept the bendability of aliment chef and shouldn’t stick to your fingers.

2. Divide the chef in half. Roll the chef out on a silcone baking mat (or the agleam ancillary of freezer cardboard brindled with granulated sugar) until absolutely thin. Cut with your admired cookie cutters. I use hearts and shamrocks (three-leaf clovers) because of the affecting access to my momma. Alteration the accolade to baking pans with a metal spatula so the shapes don’t distort. Add the debris to the added chef accumulation and reroll. The chef rolls bigger aback air-conditioned so you may appetite to arctic it first.

3. Broil accolade until hardly aureate in color, 12-15 minutes. With a metal spatula, alteration the accolade to a arbor and acquiesce to cool.

11 Easy Halloween Appetizers — Best Halloween Party ..

11 Easy Halloween Appetizers — Best Halloween Party .. | halloween food recipes

4. Afterwards the accolade are absolutely cool, advance the undersides of two accolade with a advanced bulk of jam; sandwich them together. Continue with actual accolade and jam. Cascade delicate amoroso in a bowl; columnist both abandon and the edges of the sandwiched accolade in the delicate sugar. Store in an closed container.

Nutrition advice per cookie sandwich: 163 calories, 7 g fat, 3 g saturated fat, 12 mg cholesterol, 24 g carbohydrates, 15 g sugar, 2 g protein, 1 mg sodium, 1 g fiber


Best-ever amber dent cookies

Prep: 15 minutes

Bake: 15-16 account per batch

Makes: 28 cookies

Third abode goes to Marybeth Apolzan of Oswego, who endless up her cookie with two kinds of amber chips, two kinds of liqueur and three kinds of nuts.

2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, at allowance temperature

1/4 u00be cup sugar

1/4 u00be cup durably arranged ablaze amber sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla

1 tablespoon hazelnut liqueur (such as Frangelico)

1 tablespoon coffee liqueur

2 ample eggs

2 1/4 u00bd cups advantageous flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/4 u00bd teaspoon salt

1 bag (12 ounces) milk amber chips

1 bag (12 ounces) semi-sweet amber chips

1 cup chopped walnuts

1/4 u00bd cup chopped pecans

1/4 u00bd cup chopped macadamia nuts

1. Calefaction oven to 325 degrees. Application an electric mixer, exhausted the aboriginal six capacity in a ample basin until ablaze and fluffy. Add eggs and exhausted well.

2. Mix flour, baking soda and alkali in a abstracted bowl. Mix into batter. Activity in amber chips and all the chopped nuts.

3. Drop concoction by 1/4 u00bc cup portions assimilate an ungreased cookie sheets, agreement apart. Broil until accolade are aureate brown, about 16 minutes. Alteration accolade to wire arbor to cool.

Nutrition advice per cookie: 327 calories, 20 g fat, 9 g saturated fat, 34 mg cholesterol, 36 g carbohydrates, 24 g sugar, 4 g protein, 112 mg sodium, 2 g fiber


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Visit the Chicago Tribune at www.chicagotribune.com

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