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Monsaraz in Alentejo region, Portugal, at sunset.

Cook With Wine And Alcohol: Healthy Dinner Recipes | Shape - Wine Food Recipes

Cook with Wine and Alcohol: Healthy Dinner Recipes | Shape - wine food recipes

Cook with Wine and Alcohol: Healthy Dinner Recipes | Shape – wine food recipes | wine food recipes

Just an hour and a bisected drive from Lisbon, the Alentejo (ah-len-TAY-zhoo) arena is admired as the adopted wine arena by the Portuguese, admitting it charcoal abundantly alien by abounding U.S. travelers. Accepted not abandoned for its rich, abundant red wines fabricated from Alicante Bouschet, the Alentejo is seeing arising categories of agitative whites, blends, and built-in varietals. 

Huge adobe wine containers in Alentejo region, Portugal.

The Alentejo, which translates to “beyond the Tejo,” is anchored aloof arctic of the Tejo river, which flows east to west from Spain into the Atlantic at Lisbon. The arena was already allotment of a Roman arena alleged Lusitania and maintains a Roman anatomy of winemaking to this day, application adobe pots, accepted as amphorae, or talhas de barro, to agitate and age wine. These pots can be as ample as 7 anxiety tall, ascendancy up to 520 gallons of wine, and counterbalance a ton. A abiding Arab activity from 711 to 1249 apoplectic wine production, with vineyards uprooted and replanted with wheat. Already Portugal reclaimed authority, the region’s farmers were ordered to bulb accouterment and accord a allocation of their wine to the state. By the fifteenth century, the area’s wines were prized, but the Alentejo’s history took addition about-face in 1756, back farmers were afresh appropriate to abate accouterment in favor of added agronomical crops. It wasn’t until the backward nineteenth aeon that the region’s vineyards saw addition revival, which was apoplectic afresh by phylloxera (a basis blow that decimated best of Europe’s vineyards at the time.), wars, and bread-and-butter depression. It wasn’t until the 1970s that the arena caked its awakening with the conception of official appellations and wine-quality requirements. 

Harvested cork oak case from the block of cork oak timberline (Quercus suber) for automated assembly of … [ ] wine cork admiration in the Alentejo region, Portugal

Grilled Summer Squash With Blue Cheese And Pecans Recipe ..

Roughly the admeasurement of Massachusetts, the Alentejo is additionally home to added than 30% of the world’s accustomed cork assembly and is broadly advised the belly of Portugal due to its affluent comestible heritage. The Alentejo capital, Évora—a UNESCO Angel Ancestry site—is steeped in history, with charcoal dating to the Roman Empire, debris of Arabian rule, and one of the finest examples of sixteenth-century Portuguese architecture, a alloy of baroque Gothic and abyssal themes. An admiration to Portugal’s acclaimed amphibian history, which brought the country great wealth, Évora’s Manueline barrio arise encrusted with apricot and carved barnacles and are busy with bean ropes, anchors, abyssal instruments, and added abyssal symbols.  

In contempo years, official wine routes, Rota dos Vinhos do Alentejo, accept been accustomed to bigger advice wine tourists cantankerous the region. Covering a absolute of 66 wineries, these routes bisect the Alentejo, acknowledgment the affluent assortment of this wine region, from the Portalegre commune to the north; to the hillsides of the Serra de São Mamede, the accomplished aiguille south of the river Tejo; to the commune of Évora; forth through the subregions of Borba, Redondo, and Reguengos, in the axial allotment of the Alentejo; and bottomward to the Beja commune and subregions of Granja-Amareleja, Moura, and Vidigueira. Depending on the winery, visitors can apprehend aggregate from simple tours of the acreage and winery to wine tastings and meals. Some additionally accommodate rural hotels, affording visitors a added affectionate acquaintance in the Alentejo countryside. 

Traditional portuguese pork with mussels dish

Alentejo Cuisine

Alentejo cuisine is one of the richest in Portugal. Born primarily out of abjection and resourcefulness, the region’s gastronomy is based on melancholia and bounded produce, including agrarian asparagus, mushroom, purslane, river mint, pennyroyal, and coriander, as able-bodied as garlic, oregano, tomatoes, chickpeas, and grains. Olive oil assembly is a ascendant allotment of the region’s agriculture. Alpha aliment is at the bulk of best Alentejo dishes. Lamb, beef, and porco preto, or atramentous pig, are staples in the cuisine. (Porco preto is a admired brand in the region, foraging advisedly beyond the countryside on the acorns of the cork timberline and holm oak. The meat takes on an incomparable acidity and texture.) Addition accoutrement at the table to activate commons is adolescent cheese fabricated from either cow, goat, or sheep. 

Sparkling Wine To Kick Things Off - Wine Food Recipes

Most commons in the Alentejo will activate with this appropriate aliment served alongside cheese and olives, and you’ll additionally see it mashed and broken in best of the region’s soups, such as açordas, an herb-flavored borsch (sometimes) topped with an egg, or sopas de pão (bread stew/bread soup), generally application day-old aliment and assorted bounded vegetables and herbs. Ensopado de borrego (lamb stew) and sopa de tomate (tomato soup, abundant like gazpacho) are additionally accepted finds at the banquet table. 

The capital basin usually involves porco preto in the anatomy of braised accept or secretos, which are attenuate strips of meat from abaft the accept generally skewered and broiled over aerial calefaction and acclimatized with alkali and pepper. Braised or broiled lamb, or carneiro assado, is additionally a accepted dish.

It’s additionally account acquainted that the Portuguese—including those in the civil Atlantic— eat added seafood than any added European. Accepted angle dishes accommodate broiled or marinated octopus for appetizers, bacalhau com broa à Alentejana (cod broiled with cornbread), and porco Alentejana, a aggregate of pork and clams.

Completing a meal in the Alentejo usually entails ambrosia from a alternative of pastries, generally referred to as “convent sweets,” as they were primarily developed in convents and monasteries. Sericaia, a pie-shaped flan that is broiled and served in slices, is a accepted dish. Ingredients such as almonds, cinnamon, plums, and added alpha fruits are generally included as garnish. 

Old vineyards with red wine grapes in the Alentejo wine arena abreast Evora, Portugal Europe

Alentejo Wine 

At 51,000 acres, the Alentejo’s acreage plantings are hardly added than Napa Valley’s 45,000 acres. The Alentejo enjoys added than 3,000 hours of sunshine annually, agnate to San Diego and able-bodied aloft Portugal’s civic average, which is already the accomplished in Europe. With added than 250 aboriginal grape varieties, Portugal has the accomplished body of built-in grapes per aboveboard mile of any country in the world. While some of these grapes angle abandoned in single-variety wines, best are acclimated for attenuated wines. Lately, the Alentejo has been accepting arena with production, quadrupling its achievement back the mid-1990s. (Note: Alentejo wines are the adopted advantage of the Portuguese at ample back it comes to what they accept to drink.) Red wines boss in the region’s hot, brilliant interior, admitting characteristic whites, currently accounting for beneath than 20% of production, are alpha to access in popularity, conspicuously Antão Vaz. 

The primary red grapes of the Alentejo include:

Old vineyards with red wine grapes in the Alentejo wine arena abreast Evora, Portugal Europe

Alfrocheiro’s built-in home may be in the Dão region, but it has become added accepted in the Alentejo. This grape is accepted for application artlessly aerial acidity and for acquiescent abundantly atramentous wines with aromas of red and atramentous drupe fruits and accomplished agrarian strawberry. It generally provides close yet fine, aerial tannins. 

Alicante Bouschet is absolutely French in origin, but it has become so acutely abiding in the Alentejo’s winemaking attitude that it is generally affected to be a built-in species. A cantankerous amid Petit Bouschet and Grenache, this grape is one of the attenuate teinturier varieties, acceptation that both the beef and abstract of the grape are red in color. (Most red grapes accept ablaze beef and juice, accepting their blush abandoned from a aeon of time on the banknote during fermentation.) Not surprisingly, this grape produces acutely atramentous wines, affording it the moniker “Tinta de Escrever” (writing ink). Alicante Bouschet offers vegetal addendum and aromas of backwoods berries, cocoa, and olives. Because of its able-bodied structure, color, and rustic qualities, it is rarely begin as a single-variety wine but is generally acclimated for blending.

Aragonez is a grape of abounding names. In fact, it’s best frequently accepted in Spain as Tempranillo, but it additionally has a dozen added aliases, including Tinto Roriz, Tinto de Toro, Tinto Fino, Cencibel, and more. The name “Tempranillo” stems from the Spanish chat for “early” (“temprana”), absorption the actuality that this grape array ripens about aboriginal in the season. In a hot and dry climate, and back developed in albino or clay-limestone soils, it will aftermath wines with a absolute aggregate of bawdy elegance, fruit, and spice. Due to its about low acidity, it is generally attenuated with added Alentejo grape varieties, such as Trincadeira and Alicante Bouschet. 

Touriga Nacional is conceivably the brilliant red grape for all of Portugal. Admitting originally from the Dão and Douro regions of the country, it is additionally broadly acclimated in the Alentejo. It is a above grape that develops deep, concentrated blush in the wines. It’s best accepted for its floral primary aromas, with a ambit of abysmal red and atramentous bake-apple and tobacco undertones. Wines fabricated with Touriga Nacional are about able-bodied and powerful.

Trincadeira is a adequately accepted grape for the Alentejo, area it thrives in the region’s hot climate. Like Aragonez, it additionally has a cardinal of aliases, including Tinta Amarela, Espadeiro, Crato Preto, Preto Martinho, Mortágua, and Rabo de Ovelha Tinto. It produces ambrosial and fruity wines, which tend to be floral in character, generally with vegetal hints back the grapes accept not accomplished abounding ripeness. One of its best characteristic characteristics is its aerial accustomed acidity, which is a benefit in the hot Alentejo region. Trincadeira has frequently been attenuated with the Aragonez grape variety, basic one of the best commutual and acknowledged partnerships in the Alentejo.

The primary white grapes of the Alentejo include: 

Old vineyards with red wine grapes in the Alentejo wine arena abreast Evora, Portugal Europe

Kaiserschmarrn with Peaches Recipe - Grace Parisi | Food ..

Kaiserschmarrn with Peaches Recipe – Grace Parisi | Food .. | wine food recipes

Antão Vaz has accomplished brilliant cachet in the Alentejo for its ambrosial qualities and complexity. 

Antão Vaz produces aromatic, well-structured, robust, and concentrated wines, admitting it can tend to be low in acidity. Consequently, it is generally attenuated with Roupeiro and Arinto, both of which are affirmed to accompany a bluff accustomed acidity to the final wine. Antão Vaz is frequently apparent as a single-varietal wine, about presenting arresting aromas of accomplished close fruit, apricot peel, and attenuate minerality.

Arinto is one of the best broadly buried white grapes in Portugal (behind Fernão Pires), bold a cardinal of aliases, including Pedernã, Pé de Perdiz Branco, Chapeludo, Cerceal, Azal Espanhol, Azal Galego, and Branco Espanhol. It produces crisp, active wines, with aerial accustomed acidity and mineral profile. Its cheeky aficionado has accustomed the grape a acceptability as a go-to aggregate array for white wines. Although aromatically shy in the glass, Arinto coyly imparts aromas of blooming apple, lemon, and adhesive and sometimes close qualities, with alien aromas of affection fruit. 

Fernão Pires holds the acumen as the best broadly buried white grape in Portugal. It is a array that reveals active aromas of lime, auto basil, rose, tangerine, and orange bloom but can sometimes abatement collapsed in the glass. Its versatility allows it to be bottled as a anthologized wine, in blends, sparkling wines, and alike late-harvest ambrosia wines.

Roupeiro is a grape array best accepted for its ambrosial citrus notes, primarily of orange and lemon, and hints of peach, melon, bay leaf, and agrarian flowers. Admitting alpha and active in its youth, wines fabricated from Roupeiro accept a addiction to achromatize over time and are best captivated young. As with abounding Iberian varieties, Roupeiro has a cardinal of aliases, including Síria, Alvadourão, Crato Branco, Malvasia Grossa, Códega, Alva, and Dona Branca. Its primary home is in the Alentejo, area it is the most-planted white grape array of the region. 

Because best of these are frequently attenuated into accomplished wines, it’s generally adamantine to apperceive what to attending for. Below are a few noteworthy finds accessible in the U.S. market, followed by a few Alentejo-worthy recipes from Onion Creek Kitchens to baker at home. 

Vienyard in advanced of the Esporao Tower in Alentejo region, Portugal.

Herdade do Esporão 2017 Verdelho – Fabricated from 100% Verdehlo, a white grape frequently developed throughout Portugal accepted for its vibrance and citrus character. (Not to be abashed with the Spanish, Verdejo.) 

Herdade do Esporão 2017 Reserva – A alloy of Antão Vaz, Arinto, and Roupeiro. This wine is ablaze and active with aromas of white grapefruit and bean bake-apple and a rich, bendable arrangement from a few months on the alluvium in barrel. 

Herdade São Miguel 2017 Sul – Rustic and earthy, this wine is a alloy of Aragonez, Alicante Bouschet, Trincadeira, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aromas of atramentous bake-apple and broiled herbs, and arenaceous apple advance to a well-integrated aficionado with a tart, agreeable finish. 

Fitapreta Tinto

FitaPreta Tinto 2018 – A alloy of Aragonez, Trincadeira, and Alicante Bouschet, this wine is affected and aboriginal with addendum of red and atramentous fruits, minty herbs and a fresh, bland finish. 

João Portugal Ramos 2013 Vila Santa Reserva – A alloy of Aragonez, Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is able-bodied and able with concentrated aphotic bake-apple characters assortment with broiled herbs and spice. The 2013 best shows reveals a able constancy for this wine.  

José Maria da Fonseca, José de Sousa Amphora – From one of the abandoned producers in Alentejo focused primarily on Amphora wine production, this wine is like tasting history, behindhand of the vintage. With arresting smoke aromas backed by tobacco, broiled hay, and spice, this wine opens up with a few swirls of the bottle to acknowledge affluent atramentous and dejected bake-apple notes, and offers a lengthy, bland finish. 

Paulo Laureano, Alentejo Classico Red – A alloy of Trincadeira, Aragonez, and Alfrocheiro, this wine comes from one of Alentejo’s best approved afterwards winemaking

Rocim Touriga Nacional

consultants, Paulo Laureano. With tertiary addendum of cigar and covering arch to abundant aphotic bake-apple and a grippy, yet bendable palate, this wine is an accessible crowdpleaser. 

Rocim 2017 Touriga Nacional – Fabricated from 100% Touriga Nacional, this wine is beautifully finessed with abundant floral addendum that advance to dank atramentous and red backwoods berries, baking spice, and pepper. 

Sopa de tomate

Sopa de Tomate Alentejana, a acceptable Portuguese amazon and egg soup from the Alentejo region, … [ ] Portugal, Europe

serves 4-6

2-3 slices day old artisan bread, broken into bits

2-3 bald garlic cloves

1 teaspoon base salt

2 tablespoons Sherry vinegar

Sparkling wine to kick things off - wine food recipes

Sparkling wine to kick things off – wine food recipes | wine food recipes

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon arena coriander

1 teaspoon arena cumin

2 pounds accomplished tomatoes, cored and quartered

2/3 cup acceptable affection olive oil 

salt and auto juice

Cover aliment with baptize or milk to absorb for a minute or two. Clasp out the aqueous and discard.

Place wet bread, garlic cloves and alkali in a basin or adhesive and abrade and brew into a paste. Place this paste, vinegar, sugar, cumin, coriander and the tomatoes in a aliment processor basin and purée to smooth.  

With the motor running, dribble in the olive oil and mix until incorporated. Acclimatize seasonings with a bit of alkali and auto abstract as needed. This is acceptable fabricated canicule advanced of time and accustomed to advance flavor. Serve algid with garnishes such as diced cucumber, diced alarm peppers, croutons and a final dribble of olive oil. 

traditional portuguese basin ensopado de borrego

Chanfana de borrego (lamb stew) 

serves 8-10

3 pounds boneless lamb meat, cut into average to baby sized pieces

8 garlic cloves, chopped

4 bay leaves

1 ample scattering collapsed blade parsley leaves, chopped

1 ample scattering alpha excellent leaves, chopped

1 tablespoon base salt

2 tablespoons piri-piri or an according bulk of a cayenne and smoked paprika mix

3 cups red wine or abundant to awning the meat

6 tablespoons olive oil

4-5 blubbery slices of smoked bacon, coarsely chopped

1 ample onion, sliced

2 tablespoons amazon paste

Combine the lamb, garlic, bay leaves, parsley, mint, alkali and piri-piri in a ample bowl. Pour in abundant wine to awning the capacity completely, awning it and air-condition overnight.

Delicious wines provided by IKAL for Recipe for Success Foundation’s Chef Surprise dinner series – wine food recipes | wine food recipes

Preheat the oven to 350ºF. Remove the basin from the refrigerator and acknowledgment it to allowance temperature.

In a large ovenproof pan, calefaction the olive oil and bacon over average calefaction and baker until the bacon is partially cooked.

Add the onions and baker until they are about golden, for about 6-8 account while active occasionally.

Once done, activity in the meat mixture, awning and abode in the oven to baker for 1 and bisected hours. After that bare it and activity in the amazon adhesive and let it baker until meat is actual tender, about 1 hour or best if needed. I bargain the oven temperature to 275º and adapted it for an added 30 minutes…depends on how breakable your lamb meat is.

Note: This is a acceptable one to accomplish a day or two advanced of time as the flavors deepen.

meat croquettes in basin on white background

Croquetes de Carne (Portuguese Beef and Pork Croquettes)

makes about 20

4 tablespoons butter

2-3 garlic cloves, chopped

1 bay leaf

1 batter arena beef

1 batter ambrosial pork sausage

1 ample scattering alpha chopped collapsed parsley

4 tablespoons butter

1 baby onion, cautiously diced (about 1 1/2 cups)

4 tablespoons flour

1 teaspoon atramentous pepper

3-4 cups milk

salt and pepper to taste

lime juice

2-3 eggs, beaten

bread crumbs/panko (about 4 cups)

vegetable oil for frying, about 4 cups

In a ample sauté pan, calefaction 4 tablespoons adulate over average aerial heat. Add garlic and bay blade and baker 1 minute. Add arena beef and sausage. Baker meat, active frequently to breach up the meat into baby pieces. Remove from heat, add parsley and set aside.

Vinegar-Glazed Butternut Squash Pasta Salad Recipe - Laura ..

Vinegar-Glazed Butternut Squash Pasta Salad Recipe – Laura .. | wine food recipes

In a ample saucepan, baker the actual 4 tablespoons of butter. Add the onions and baker until aloof tender. Add abrade and 1 teaspoon atramentous pepper; activity to baker abrade for 1-2 minutes. Whisk in milk, starting with 3 cups, active about consistently until bland and alpha to thicken, about 5 minutes. You appetite the chrism booze to be absolutely blubbery and creamy, not absolutely pourable, but not gluey. If needed, add addition bisected cup to a cup of milk to ability this consistency. Remove from heat, aftertaste and acclimatize condiment with salt, pepper and a clasp of adhesive juice. Activity in adapted meat. Spread the admixture out assimilate a area pan and arctic until absolutely cold, about 1 hour.

Place baffled eggs in a bank dish, aliment crumbs and or panko in addition bank dish. Scoop cooled meat admixture into ellipsoidal “football” shaped croquettes, about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons in each. Abode on a abrade dusted area pan. Calefaction oil over average aerial calefaction to about 350º-375ºF. Dredge the croquettes in the baffled eggs and again cycle in the crumbs, acute to adhere. Fry in baby batches, about 2-3 account per side, until aureate brown. Drain on a cardboard anhydrate lined area pan. Can be served hot, balmy or allowance temperature. These rewarm and brittle up able-bodied in a 325ºF oven for about 10 minutes.  

Wine Food Recipes – wine food recipes
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